eForte Camp is here! Camping just got even easier.

Forte Camp

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Camping Just Got Lot Easier

If you’re the kind of person who like to stay outdoors & explore the beautiful scenery & landscapes, yes we have a product for you. We believe that camping outdoors should be easy & we challenge the status quo by making our product beautifully designed, simple to use, comfortable and accessible.

Drive, Park, Pop, Sleep, Repeat

Forte Camp fits in most cars, vans & trucks, it’s easy to install, with a sleek design to allow a good gas to mileage, pops up in less than 30 seconds.

Cool Tools In A Tent

Extra features include custom fit mattress, lightweight aluminium adjustable ladder, solar charged LED light, clothing hooks and built in pockets for storage.


Product Overview



  • Capacity 2 - 3 Person, 300 KG Maximum Load Rating
  • Color Shell:White,  Fabric: Grey
  • Unfold Size: 210 x 140 x 90 cm
  • Fold Size: 210 x 140 x 29 cm
  • Gross Weight: 70 kg
  • Shell Material: Fiberglass and aluminium alloy
  • Body Fabric: High strength lightweight oxford fabric
  • Supporting: Stainless steel rod, Air Struts support
  • Opening mechanism: Air Struts
  • Ladder: Aluminium Telescopic Ladder


Main Features

  • Suitable for most vehicles
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easy to open and close (less than 30 seconds)
  • Stable latches make the tent easy to open and close, while make it more stable
  • Shell is hand made in single molding, allowing a rigid construction
  • Lightweight aluminum sandwich floor construction for superior strength and insulation
  • Solid body structure made of Aluminum & Alloy
  • Durable fabric color
  • Minimum air resistance from clipper-built design
  • Streamlined hood body to minimize wind resistance, allowing a good gas mileage
  • Wind resistance (with the tent open): 10 knots or 5 m/sec or 3 Beaufort or 18 Km/h
  • Driving characteristics remained untouched, up to 120 Km/h

Fabric Features

  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable 100% polyester fabric
  • Coated on one side with Polyurethane (PU) become resistant to penetration by water and wetting
  • Quick dry
  • It's waterproof lining and the sewing thread are steam taped to better waterproof
  • UV protection treated
  • Fire retardant
  • Yellowing resistance ability and a strong color fastness
  • Using sail-track to attach the tent to the Shell, allows tent to easily remove & wash

Extra Features

  • Full mounting kit
  • Solar Charged LED light, with Mobile phone charger
  • x4 triple internal storage pockets
  • 150kg rated ladder
  • Memory foam mattress: length 208 cm, 6 cm thickness

Main Advantages

  • Drive, Stop, Pop, Sleep, Repeat” concept
    • Pop it up in any location for a quick overnight stop
  • Can be mounted to the teardrop trailer or directly on top of your vehicle using any standard, flat roof rack cross bars
  • Easy to fold or unfold the tent with a press of a button
  • A family of 3 can sleep comfortably, two adult and one kid
  • High standard materials are only used to ensure safety and quality at all times
  • Our roof top tent is backed up with 12 months warranty
  • Aerodynamically designed shell doesn't add up to any wind drag and wind noise while driving
  • After folding it, it still has room to keep the folding ladder, 2-3 sleeping bags and even 2-3 folding chairs
  • Sleeping above the ground keeps crawlers away
  • Home-in-the-roof” feeling