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Our Paracord Bracelets

Forte Paracord Bracelets are inspired by the Greek myth of Labyrinth

Theseus managed to escape the “Labyrinth” after eliminating Minotaur, simply by following a thread he had tied at the entrance of the maze. Inspired by the Greek myth “Labyrinth” Forte Paracord Bracelets are designed to provide an extra tool to anyone who faces a complicated survival situation.

In Forte, we believe that great minds need simple tools to escape from complex situations, therefore we introduce a set of functional bracelets for everyday life.

Three types of unique, high quality, handmade paracord bracelets are offered to better fit your needs on a daily basis:

  • The Standard,
  • The Premium and
  • The Ultra.

We are confident on the quality of our bracelets and a Lifetime Limited Warranty is provided to all Forte users.