eForte Camp is here! Camping just got even easier.

Paracord Bracelets' Instruction Manual

Examples to use your Forte 

  • Make fire (Theseus & Ariadne) 
  • Navigation (Theseus) 
  • Covert light (Theseus & Icus)
  • Signaling (Theseus)
  • Fishing (Theseus & Ariadne)

Examples to use Forte's Paracord

  • Secure things our of your backpack
  • Hang tools from your belt 
  • Hang tools around your neck
  • Make a bottle holder 
  • Make an emergency belt 
  • Replace broken or missing shoelaces 
  • Repair a zipper pull
  • Make a tow line 
  • Hang something up off the ground 
  • Keep rolled up items secure 
  • Tie objects together for easier transport
  • Make a sack for carrying groceries
  • Make a pet leash
  • Use as fishing line (inner threads)